Business Retention

Alpharetta takes great pride in its community and creating a business friendly environment. Whether you're looking for skilled workers or need room to expand, Alpharetta stands ready to help make your company successful.

Local Incentives

The City of Alpharetta has created a variety of business incentives for local business to help them grow and succeed. Whether your a downtown Alpharetta business looking to add some signage or a large corporate user looking to build your next office building, Alpharetta stands ready with incentives to assist your next move. See what we have to offer:

Georgia Incentives

Georgia offers tax incentives and credits to Georgia businesses through the GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (GDECD) . These tax credits give Georgia businesses the opportunity to minimize or even eliminate state corporate income tax. They apply to all qualifying companies – large, small and in between – rooted in Georgia or new to the state. Typically, corporate income tax credits apply to 50 percent of a company’s state tax liability in a given year. But in some cases, they can offset up to 100 percent of corporate income tax as well as payroll withholding liability.

Company Visits

We are always ready to assist existing Alpharetta businesses. Company visits are a great opportunity to create and build working relationships with existing businesses. These visits allow you as a company to learn more about the exciting things happening in Alpharetta, resources available to you at the local and state level as well as identify potential B2B opportunities. It also allows Alpharetta to learn more about your business success and challenges. Some of the topics covered in these visits include:

  • Identifying local and state incentives
  • Site selection
  • New developments in Alpharetta
  • Market research
  • Ribbon cuttings
  • Marketing opportunities, outreach and recognition
  • B2B introductions

Contact us today to set up a company visit