January 2019

Veeam Software Expands 40,000 Square Feet

Intelligent data management firm Veeam Software recently expanded 40,000 square feet bringing their total Alpharetta footprint to 90,000. Veeam Software is a global leader in intelligent data management solutions that includes backup, disaster recovery, and data management software for multi-cloud infrastructures. Read more information below. Read More

3 Alpharetta Companies Named Among the ‘2019 Top 40 Innovative Companies of Georgia’

The Technology Association of Georgia released their 2019 list of Top 40 Innovative Companies of Georgia. 3 Alpharetta companies were listed among them. Local tech companies BitPay, Compass Technology Group, and DataSeers all made the list. See the full list at the link below. TAG: The Summit | Top 40   Read More

Alpharetta Now Home to More Than 700 Technology Companies

Official as of January 2019, there are more than 700 technology companies that call Alpharetta home. The last count of technology companies in 2016 tallied 643. Now there are approximately 704. Read the press release here. View the full list of Alpharetta technology companies at the link below: Technology Companies in Alpharetta   Read More

The Alpharetta Business Association Celebrates 25 Years

The Alpharetta Business Association (ABA), started by a group of downtown Alpharetta business owners, celebrates 25 years in 2019. Since its inception, the ABA has expanded to Alpharetta businesses citywide. Read more in the story below.   Read More