Being home to some of the best schools in Georgia is no small feat. It requires building a quality and connected community. Our students' performance show why the best and brightest call Alpharetta home. In addition, Alpharetta is home to a variety of colleges and universities offering continuing education, certificate programs and training.

Primary Schools

Alpharetta’s public education is run by the Fulton County School System. Some of the top performing schools in Fulton County can be found serving Alpharetta.

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  • 90% Graduation Rate Among High Schools Serving Alpharetta High School Students

Higher Education

Alpharetta is home to several higher education institutions that support technical training as well as continuing education. Additionally, Metro Atlanta serves as one the top destination in the southeast for recent graduates from large research universities. Alpharetta is positioned perfectly to train and attract the regions’ high quality, high skilled workforce.

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